Zhuhai Municipality

About this project

NACO was contracted in 2014 to ignite the comprehensive economic development of the Zhuhai airport region by developing an airport area master plan.

The aim of the master plan was to expand the airport itself (including maximising its biennial air show), improve links between the airport and the city, and strengthen the aviation industry in the airport’s immediate vicinity.

Our experts created an integrated airport and urban plan using our extensive experience in traffic forecasting, airport master planning and aviation commercial business.

In order to accommodate future development, the main element of the master plan is the future development of an angular runway configuration. This configuration would relieve airport capacity bottlenecks and improve landside accessibility, resulting in the development of commercial facilities on and around the airport.

The plan also includes improved transport links between the airport and the city which will help pave the way for attracting companies, such as a water plane factory, to be based near to the airport, and to provide development opportunities for office parks.
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