Airport infrastructure

At NACO, we provide airport civil engineering services across the whole airport lifecycle. Our experts can integrate new infrastructure with existing operations or oversee the design and construction of new facilities. With a depth of experience bringing together multiple stakeholders, we can help realise your airport vision, integrating sustainability and enabling digitalisation in the process.
Airport Infrastructure

Our expertise in airport infrastructure, your operational excellence

Profound understanding of the airport environment
Keeping an airport running smoothly is essential, not only to safe and successful operations – but to a positive passenger experience. Our infrastructure solutions are designed with optimal functionality and integration at their core.
Comprehensive services across the airport lifecycle
From ICAO compliance to flood risk and runway rehabilitation – our depth of experience means we can provide specific solutions, while never losing sight of how they fit into the bigger picture of airport operations.
Maintaining operational excellence during complex projects
Having supported hundreds of airports around the world, we know how to navigate complex airport infrastructure projects; minimising disruption to operations while ensuring efficient solutions that futureproof your airport for years to come.
Enhancing stakeholder collaboration using digital tools
The future is digital and we leverage digital tools such as BIM in order to increase stakeholder understanding and collaboration, identify and optimise solutions – and bolster airport safety and efficiency.
Airport Infrastructure

Discover our services

Runway, Taxiway and Apron Pavement Design for greenfield, expansion and rehabilitation projects
Our design and engineering services ensure safety and durability of your runways – futureproofing them for years to come. 
Airside & Landside Design, Civil Works & Utilities​
With decades of experience, our airside and landside geometrical designs are based on a depth of knowledge in passenger and airport traffic flows. 
Airport Infrastructure Construction phasing​
Our integrated approach to construction phasing considers investment, operational and technical aspects to ensure minimal disruptions on ongoing operations. 
Flood risk​
We future-proof airport infrastructure with site grading and drainage design that protects against the impacts of extreme weather events. Ensuring safety and minimal operational disruptions. 
Navigational Aids / ATM Systems ​
Support systems are integral to smooth operations. We ensure safety and compliance using the latest technical developments – helping staff and passengers alike.
Airfield Ground Lighting and Signage Design​
Optimising airfield lighting with sustainable and efficient solutions ensures safety for pilots and staff, and compliance for your operations.
Rotor wing aircraft facilities design​
We deliver cutting-edge planning and design for additional aircraft infrastructure – whether heliports or the facilities required to accommodate drones and unmanned aircrafts. 
Airside consultancy​
Our experienced airside consultants deliver insights on everything from ICAO compliance and aircraft compatibility checks to obstacle assessments and apron configuration planning.
Jelmer van der Meer - Director Airport civil engineering

Jelmervan der Meer

Director Airport civil engineering