Airport Building and Terminal Design

Airport buildings today have multiple roles to play for local and international communities – while serving stakeholders that range from passengers and staff, to businesses, transport and trade. At NACO, the decades of experience within our team of airport design consultants help airports meet these needs – from regional airport hubs to landmark international airport cities. Our work unites technical expertise with operational excellence to create a great passenger experience. We do this by integrating our in-depth understanding of seamless flows and circular building design to embed sustainability and quality into every concept.
Airport Building Design

Leading airport design consultants

Airport buildings are in our DNA
We bring a unique approach to airport building design, combining elegance, functionality, and a forward-thinking mindset. Our focus is on creating sustainable solutions that stand the test of time and embrace innovation while prioritizing accessibility for all.
Integrated, multi-disciplinary approach
Our multi-disciplinary teams expertly integrate all aspects of airport building design for optimal solutions. We collaborate with local partners to blend disciplines and create efficient, sustainable designs suited to complex operational requirements and local climate conditions.
Cutting through the complexity for improved collaboration
Our in-depth knowledge and advanced technologies streamline complex airport processes for efficient and effective solutions. We use digital tools like BIM for increased transparency and stakeholder engagement.
Embedding seamless passenger journeys into the design
We prioritize the passenger experience in terminal design for unique, comfortable journeys. Our designs are future-proof and guided by natural wayfinding principles for a stress-free and memorable experience.

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Our portfolio

Passenger Terminal Buildings
We design terminals that strike a balance between optimal processing spaces and a memorable passenger experience. Our terminals are functional, chic spaces that celebrate local culture - elevating the passenger journey.

Airport Support Buildings
To meet the needs of airport operations, various support facilities are required, including catering services, fire stations, and storage hangars. We provide efficient design solutions that integrate these facilities into the airport ecosystem, ensuring optimal functionality.

Cargo Terminals
Along with our sister company Districon we provide full-service design solutions mastering cargo flow and creating optimal terminal performance in attractive yet highly functional and adaptable buildings. 

Future-proof MRO Buildings
We design sustainable, efficient, and elegant structures for maintenance, repair, and overhaul of all types and sizes of aircraft.

Seamless Flow supported by Natural Wayfinding & Signage 
We believe in the power of natural wayfinding – designing logical flows and putting the passenger in control. Our designs  support seamless flows using daylight, clear and logical colour schemes and straight forward information. 

Multi-modal Hubs
Multimodality is the future of transport. Our designs enable seamless connectivity of various transport modes, from micro mobility hub to mega hub. We embrace emerging transport technology and new mobilities – for more sustainable and accessible journeys.  

Sustainable & Circular Building Design
With years of experience in sustainable airport design, we deliver flexible buildings that align with UN Sustainable Development Goals and Circularity principles. We advise on sustainability certification for buildings, like LEED, BREEAM, and others.

ATC & Remote Tower Planning & Design
Our experts design iconic, highly functional ATC buildings and integrate the latest remote tower technologies, improving efficiency and operational excellence at airports

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