Air cargo services

Air freight is vital to the supply chains of multiple industries that rely on the swift, secure transportation and receipt of goods around the world. Providing consistent, reliable and efficient services are the backbone of air freight companies, which is where our expertise comes in.
Air Cargo Sevices

The case

The cargo industry is facing significant capacity shortages and demand uncertainty as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Cargo companies need to rethink their strategies. From air and ground operations to more effective use of data-driven decision making, cargo players need to work with stakeholders in the entire value chain to drive improvements and be prepared for the future.

Cargo insights

Together with our trusted partners, we offer data-driven strategy, forecasting and competitive assessment insights designed to guide your future growth. Our track record of working with global airports, airlines, ground handlers, forwarders and customs – gives us a unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges you face.

The need for flexibility

The coronavirus is challenging air cargo operations in terms of capacity issues (lack of international belly lift, health risk affecting cargo staff) and demand uncertainty (timing of economic recovery by market and various fluctuations in commodity types). This demands increased flexibility, which our experts can help diagnose in terms of cargo & logistics processes and anticipated required changes. Advanced simulation tools can help validate processing capacity dynamically and help in preparations for plausible scenarios.

Discover - Cargo Advisory Services

Our advisory services have been developed around end-to-end support: from strategy definition through to facility planning, design and implementation.

Benefits for business

Comprehensive end-to-end services
Dedicated cargo team
  • Multi-disciplinary experts
Tailored approach fitting your market and context
Data-driven insights
Air Cargo Servies
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