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Airports today are growing to become destinations in their own right - putting the customer experience (CX) at the forefront of airport design.
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Making memorable moments: passenger journeys for a new generation

Every day, airports provide the backdrop to some of life’s biggest moments. As millions of passengers flow through an airport, we see heartfelt reunions and excited family holidays; tearful goodbyes and nervous business travellers embarking on that career-changing pitch.

The airport passenger journey has the power to enhance or detract from each of these experiences. To give space for those goodbyes and ease the anxiety of the nervous traveller.

As passengers spend more time in airports, operators must consider the full passenger journey to ensure positive encounters – from those first steps onto the curb of the departure terminal, through arrivals and beyond.

The benefits of a passenger-centric approach to airport design are returned to operators through boosts in non-aeronautical revenue – at a time when airports are seeking to diversify their business models. There is also huge opportunity to maximise positive social and environmental impacts – at a time when aviation is under scrutiny.

The four key drivers of customer satisfaction

Airport design and airport customer experience are fundamentally interconnected. NACO’s holistic approach to airport customer experience seamlessly covers consultancy services within engineering, architecture, and commerce – affecting these four key drivers of airport customer satisfaction:

Ambience design

We apply our expertise within sense of place architecture, operational planning, lighting design, acoustics, art integration and landscaping design to create unique ambient environments.

Dwell time optimisation

We are experts in optimising passenger dwell times whilst maximising non-aeronautical revenues. Our deep knowledge of commercial area planning, business lounge design and advertising space integration delivers proven results.

Accessibility & security

We design security checkpoints and passenger flows which are fast and stress-free by applying our knowledge of signage, wayfinding, process automation, passenger convenience and operational safety.

Staff behaviour enhancement

We re-shape positive staff behaviours based on industry best-practice. We help you deliver gold standards in ‘customer-centric’ service culture.

SOPEX: Sustainable Operating Excellence

For 75 years, NACO has consistently pioneered and promoted sustainable design and operations. Where CAPEX is about building infrastructure, and OPEX is about asset maintenance, we believe that SOPEX is about how infrastructure meets societal demand – and it’s crucial to creating a customer experience to be remembered.

By including SOPEX in all aspects of the airport’s customer experience, airport management can not only meet the growing demand for responsible air travel but also contribute to the creation of positive experiences for its passengers and wider society. With 72% of airport passengers worldwide now expecting airports to actively promote sustainability (ACI), airport management has a public responsibility to convey how exactly they’re mitigating the societal and environmental impact of air transport.

The goal? To set the standards for the next generation of airport customer experience.

SOPEX at Lima Airport

NACO was employed to review the design for the redeveloped passenger terminal and surrounding Airport City in Lima, Peru to identify points for improvements in the overall customer experience quality – anchored in the principles of SOPEX.
airport customer experience sopex lima airport
Inna Ratieva

We help airports increase their positive environmental, social and economic impacts whilst maximising total passenger satisfaction.

Inna RatievaGlobal Director Business Development

SOPEX: Bold vision. Proven impact.

Experts in airport customer experience

We anticipate trends, offer actionable insights and work closely with your team to create tailor-made strategies that bring your stakeholders on board for seamless implementation. 

A holistic approach to the passenger journey
From human-centric terminal design, to optimising user flows, we combine our knowledge with the latest technologies, to enable an integrated CX across all touchpoints.
Balancing investments to unlock revenue
We help balance commercial interests with the best possible CX outcomes. Navigating and merging these priorities to boost non-aeronautical profitability and customer satisfaction.
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