Bejing new international airport

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With a potential capacity of up to 130 million annual passengers, the Beijing New International Airport is set to be the largest Airport in China.

The city’s existing airport, Beijing Capital International Airport, is already running at its full design capacity, making the need for a new airport imminent.

The new eight runway airport will be built near the Chinese capital of Beijing in the Daxing District, and is due to open in 2020. If it runs at full capacity, it could one day be the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic.

In 2011, NACO won the design competition for the new airport's master plan

Our team paid special attention to the landside accessibility when designing the master plan – the most vulnerable aspect of the airport. Incorporated into the design are various modes of public transport including high-speed trains, the metro, local buses and inter-airport trains. These will all be processed in a Ground Transportation Centre which will be situated in front of the new terminals and will include a smart parking concept. By spreading traffic flow as much as possible, congestion can then be avoided and accessibility guaranteed.

The layout of the runways, taxiways and aprons throughout the airport have been carefully designed to keep taxi distances as short as possible, despite the size of the complex.

Official approval for construction was given by the Chinese State Council and officials in January 2013. The Beijing New International Airport is currently under construction and will soon be setting the trend for future mega airports around the world.
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