Aruba International Airport Reina Beatrix

Design of terminal extension and refurbishment

NACO is proud to have led design redevelopments to Aruba’s Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix, involving a terminal extension and refurbishment to the existing terminal.

Aruba is one of the few airports in the world to offer US Border Pre-Clearance. More than 60% of passengers are US citizens and, as a result, this pre-clearance has been in place for a number of years. Passengers move through US border checks in Aruba Airport and therefore avoid queuing for immigration by arriving in the US as domestic passengers. A key focus point of the design was to streamline the US pre-clearance process to address inefficiencies.
Aruba International Airport Reina Beatrix
The US pre-clearance process demands strict requirements for passenger handling, baggage handling and reconciliation and security, all of which impact terminal design. Intensive engagement with US Customs and Border Protection, combined with innovative solutions, enabled us to accommodate the required processing steps and create a very efficient terminal.

Accommodating a key biometrics trial

Aruba Airport is also a frontrunner in the application of biometric identification. The design of the terminal ran parallel to trials underway with Happy Flow; the world’s first biometric passenger handling process that covers the entire passenger journey.

Our design allowed for both traditional processes and the gradual introduction of Happy Flow, providing maximum flexibility and enabling Aruba Airports Authority to successfully manage the trial.

Implementing the Happy Flow system was proven to facilitate a seamless flow through the terminal, greatly enhancing the passenger experience.
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