Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix

About this project

NACO was awarded a Design Consultancy contract, by Aruba Airport Authority (AAA), for the redevelopment and expansion of Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix, which currently operates at full capacity, handling 2.6 million passengers on a yearly basis. The project increases the airport’s capacity and puts it on the map as a state-of-the-art airport offering US Preclearance. The construction of this project will start in 2018.

NACO provides overall design and development services for the airport’s expansion and redevelopment. As lead consultant, NACO heads the design and tendering stages which are expected to be carried out in 2018.

The project, Gateway 2030, is designed to address the airport’s capacity constraints, customer experience and sustainability in order to set the airport on a path of continued growth for the decades ahead.

The centerpiece of the redevelopment project are the new and expanded check-in facilities, baggage system and upgrades of the screening process to full EDS TSA standards for US bound passengers. The new baggage system also includes a full sortation capability allowing non-US bound flights to check-in with US bound flights, thus improving efficiency and utilization of the airport’s capacity. With these new facilities, passengers experience shorter queuing times and improved service levels during peak check-in times.

To minimize the airport’s footprint on the environment, the project has been registered for a LEED Silver accreditation. This entails design features including green energy produced by solar panels. The design team will incorporate an automated building management system for lighting and cooling based on the occupancy.
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