Innovation partnership with Rotterdam-The Hague Airport

NACO and Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will see the two companies collaborate to develop and pilot new innovations in aviation.
The partnership comes as RTHA seeks to accelerate the sustainable development of the aviation industry and enhance passenger experiences. RTHA is perfectly placed, both in the size and agile nature of its organisation, to test and implement innovative solutions and tools that can be scaled up within the industry.

As a global leader in airport planning and airport operations, with 70 years’ experience working with airports around the world; NACO will bring its unique knowledge of airport design, sustainability, and airport systems to the partnership. The proximity of NACO’s offices to RTHA will also ensure new approaches and innovations can be developed at speed.
Innovation partnership
Speaking about the MoU, Joyce Gardner, Director Finance & Strategy at RTHA, said:

We are excited by the potential of this partnership. At Rotterdam-The Hague Airport, our reputation is built on an excellent passenger experience – and that’s why we invest in piloting innovations that can make air travel safer, smoother, and increasingly sustainable too.

Esther Kromhout, Director at NACO, added:
The aviation sector today is grappling with big questions like passenger experience and sustainability. We’re keen to bring fresh ideas to the table, building on our reputation as global leaders in airport planning. This is the start of an exciting journey with RTHA – where new concepts and use cases can be tested in an agile, efficient way – before being scaled-up and rolled out to the benefit of airports around the world.

Key developments include the rapid scalability of sustainable aviation solutions, exploring the implementation of electric flying and hydrogen-powered aircraft along with other game-changing solutions such as large-scale use of PV panels to accelerate the decarbonization of airports.
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