Elevate runway Safety and Efficiency with data-driven accuracy using our automated Global Reporting Format (GRF) assessments. Imagine real-time awareness of runway conditions and simplified GRF report generation with a single click - eliminating subjective human judgment and costly runway closures.
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The GRF requires airports to conduct a runway condition assessment every time there is a significant change in the runway condition. Most often, this assessment is conducted manually. This is very time consuming and requires the presence of inspectors on the runway for prolonged periods of time.

Even with automated measuring tools the access to the runway is still needed. This impacts runway availability and operational efficiency.

ICAO acknowledges the shortcomings of these methods and states there may be only one solution sufficiently accurate for runway condition reporting:

It seems that water depth modelling is currently the only available method that can be used in a timely manner to inform flight crews of the amount of water present on a runway

ICAO Circular 355 report 

 This is why NACO developed RCR-Tool©. Our solution uses advanced simulation modelling to assess the runway condition in real-time, providing a highly accurate solution to the challenges the GRF may impose on airports.

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Istanbul Airport RCR tool
RCR-Tool© is user-friendly and intuitive, making inspectors’ work as easy and safe as possible. Discover more in the video:

NACO'S RCR-TOOL© | GRF compliance made easier

Increased safety
RCR-Tool© delivers real-time, precise insights, ensuring reliable data to help pilots make informed decisions. 
Full GRF compliance
RCR-Tool© produces a fully GRF-compliant report, meeting the ICAO regulations. 
Easy to install and maintain
In two weeks RCR-Tool© can be delivered and seamlessly integrated into your systems. With scalability and flexibility built in, the tool can be tailored for airports of all sizes. 
Maximised runway capacity
Because RCR-Tool© enables automated runway assessments there is no need to enter the runway. And real-time assessments and reporting result in fewer weather-related delays. 
Lower cost and higher revenues
By eliminating the need for manual inspections, staff can focus their valuable time on other tasks. Maximizing runway capacity through limited closures also results in higher traffic revenues. 
Reduced carbon emissions
Fewer runway inspections save thousands of kilometres driven by inspection vehicles. With maximised runway capacity and improved RCR, there are fewer aircraft in holding patterns. 

Under difficult circumstances, NACO provided a solution with their RCR-Tool© that sets a benchmark for runway condition reporting under the GRF format. Today, we can act quickly in the face of changeable conditions, and report accurately resulting in increased runway safety for airport personnel, passengers, and aircrews.

Onno De JongChief Operating Officer at Bonaire International Airport
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  • Determine the GRF compliance and efficiency status of your airport 
  • Receive recommendations and quick wins to improve your RCR practices
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RCR Tool | Naco


  • Find out how RCR-Tool© works in 5 simple steps 
  • Learn how to easily produce a GRF compliant RCR without runway closures 


RCR-TOOL© in the Caribbean
Runway Condition Assessment Tool


  • Automating runway condition reporting and assessment in Bonaire and St Eustatius
  • Explore ways to enhance runway safety and efficiency

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Standing water is much more common than you expect! Learn why it occurs and the impacts on runway safety and operational excellence. Get solutions for safer and more efficient airport operations.

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RCR Tool | Naco

RCR-Tool©: Innovative simulation modelling solution built on 75 years of experience 

At NACO we help airports leverage automation, technology, and data to enhance efficiency and safety. Built on over 75 years of aviation expertise our RCR-Tool©, is a sophisticated runway condition reporting tool, designed to meet new ICAO expectations and regulations.

Developed with extensive knowledge of runway pavements, contaminants, airport operations, and digital transformations it offers valuable insights to improve airport operations.  

RCR Tool | Naco

More about RCR-Tool©

1. What kind of equipment is needed for RCR-Tool©?

RCR-Tool© comprises three rain sensors and one data gateway. The rain sensors are installed alongside the runway, one for each 1/3rd. The gateway is to be installed on a high location with access to power and the internet. All can be installed and commissioned within two days, without disruption of air traffic. The RCR-Tool© dashboard can be accessed by computers you already have in use. 

2. Does installation of the system require civil works? 

RCR-Tool© has been designed for quick and easy installation and commissioning and requires no civil works. The system can be installed and operational within two weeks of placing the order. The installation itself can be done within two days, without disruption of air traffic. Because the rain sensors used by RCR-Tool© operate fully autonomously, they do not need power or data cables either. 

3. Can we use our own meteo data for RCR-Tool©

The sensors used by RCR-Tool© are unique in how they measure precipitation and send data. This makes the sensors very accurate and provides real-time rainfall data. The location of the sensors next to the runway also ensure relevance of rainfall data to runway condition. As these sensors provide the best results for the system, RCR-Tool© is tailored to work with these sensors only.

4. Do I need specific training to use RCR-Tool©

The dashboard is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. To ensure best use and understanding of the system, a training is included during installation of RCR-Tool© to make users familiar with the full functionality of the system.

5. How does RCR-Tool© report winter conditions? 

RCR-Tool© is a decision support tool that fully automates the generation and distribution of the RCR and SNOWTAM.  With the help of the tool, the inspector selects the results of the assessment from a drop-down menu, after which the RCR is generated automatically, ready for distribution.  For non-winter conditions, the assessment is done automatically with the possibility to override. After approval by the inspector, it is ready for distribution. 

6. How much do I need to invest? 

The investment is relative to your requirements. NACO works with airports of all sizes and has 75 years of experience tailoring our solution to your needs. Let's have a conversation first to understand your exact needs. Click below to contact one of our experts and learn more about our offerings. 

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