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Over the last 65 years, NACO’s design team has developed expertise covering every aspect of airport building design. Whether you’re looking to optimise your passenger terminal, expand your catering, cargo car parking capacity – we understand how the processes of an airport work best.

When moving through an airport, all passengers behave differently. We ensure your airport best addresses all of their needs. But it’s not just about understanding passenger flows. We are experts at determining the size of buildings required, identifying potential capacity issues, as well as ironing out logistics flows both airside and landside.

Wherever you are in the world, our holistic approach involves co-operation with local partners in order to provide regional context on regulations and compliance.

NACO works closely with major architects on landmark airport projects, such as New Mexico City International Airport, but our experts can also handle design projects in-house from concept design to construction documentation. The historic benchmarking data and calculation tool which we hold in-house means that we always meet our priority of making sure that the airport design champions function over form.

NACO’s sole focus is on airports, meaning that our experts understand your challenges inside out and always take a tailor-made approach to determine the best design option for your airport.

Key points

  • NACO’s design allows for the incorporation of advanced technologies such as self-service drop-off and passport control, as well as fully-automated baggage handling systems
  • Furthermore, we are at the forefront of 3D design – an award-winning approach in place at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • Our specific services include:
    • Airport facility programme of requirements and functional design
      Capacity studies
    • Design and engineering – also incorporating IT systems, baggage handling systems etc
    • Architectural design
    • Airport building optimisation – including terminal buildings
    • Simulations of passenger processes – using various types of industry standard software

Our expertise

Our products and services are well balanced and comprehensive; considering different airport’s operational needs, technology, cost effectiveness, sustainability and passenger experience.

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