Smart Aviation

The acceleration of digital technologies is driving innovation at airports across the globe. Technology delivers opportunities to enhance airport asset management and operations, improve airport customer experience whilst preparing aviation for the future. This combination of opportunities lies at the heart of what we term 'Smart Aviation' – optimising decision making through a data-driven, connected and innovative approach.

The principles of smart aviation

Smart Aviation describes how we help you balance vision and growth with generating meaningful value from innovation and digital transformation. It is about keeping you ahead of the competition by shaping the airport of the future. And, it means applying the latest thinking to the design, planning, technology adaptation and architecture of airports to ensure resilient, agile and profitable operations for years to come.

Customer experience

The safety, security and smooth flow of passengers and other customers through airports - combined with a superior dwell experience - is both a priority and an important competitive differentiator for airports. Achieving optimal customer experience relies on the use of ‘smart’ technologies – for example in biometrics and screening, as well as in personalised commercial offerings.

Bringing both these facets together means that passengers, baggage and goods can be processed as efficiently as possible – creating a seamless and touchless journey and an attractive passenger experience. Smart innovations can improve the operations, financial performance and competitive strength of airports.

Additionally, smart airport planning will maximise opportunities for a unique experience in terms of wellbeing, entertainment, shopping and dining.

Smart assets and operations

Generating, collecting and analysing data about the airport’s key assets and operations has become an essential part of total airport management. Connected airports and assets are the foundation on which to build fully functional, connected, responsive and efficient operations.

Smart assets and operations deliver at speed and scale the efficiencies and insights that drive airport operations improvement. The possibilities brought by airport digital twins and other technological breakthroughs are crucial in unlocking the potential.

Our aviation expertise, combined with cross-industry digital capabilities, positions us perfectly to design solutions that optimise airport asset performance and enhance your operations.

Our vision

A multi-disciplinary approach combining our aviation knowledge with technological capabilities
Practical experience in aviation innovation - helping numerous airports adopt new solutions that drive clear value
Cross-industry track record in digital transformation and systems integration
A neutral, objective outlook, impartial to specific technologies or solutions
Continuous support from vision to implementation

Our approach

Smart Aviation
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