Making your airport processes more efficient and passenger friendly

At NACO, we understand that every airport is unique, with its own operational processes, challenges and opportunities. Now more than ever, airports need systems that are reliable, efficient and cost-effective to optimise operations and to create a distinctive passenger experience.

Our consultants specialise in tackling the complexity of today’s Special Airport Systems and understand the difficulties this entails. By collaborating closely with clients and their stakeholders, we provide crucial insight into the capabilities needed to future-proof your airports.

NACO’s market-leading expertise and knowledge of the latest technology developments has helped hundreds of airports around the world to build intelligence and reliability into their Special Airport Systems to create Smart airports.

Using our knowledge and expertise, we have developed the Airport IT HealthCheck; to support airports and their IT departments to understand the status of their systems and to ensure they are prepared for the future.

Key points

We offer end-to-end services for the following areas of Special Airport Systems:

  • Airside (airfield ground lighting and control systems, apron systems, navigational aids, meteorological systems and auxiliary systems)
  • Baggage handling and hold baggage screening systems and processes
  • Airport-wide ICT infrastructure and systems (IT network architecture and terminal-related systems)
  • Airport and aviation security (passenger screening systems, access control, video surveillance)
Our consultancy services include taking the role of the client’s engineer (general design consultant), delivering peer reviews, feasibility and cost-benefit studies, (reference) systems designs, budgeting, tender specification, asset management and maintenance support and operations optimisation.

Our expertise

Our products and services are well balanced and comprehensive; considering different airport’s operational needs, technology, cost effectiveness, sustainability and passenger experience.

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